Historical Milestones

1760: John Williamson Esq, Mayor of Liverpool, acquired the estate.
1761: Williamson built a new Roby Hall, together with many associated buildings including a walled garden, coach house and stables block.
Roby Hall has a succession of owners and occupiers throughout the 19th century, including Richard Edwards Esq. (c1829), Edward Moss Esq, and the last occupant, William Pilkington Esq. of the glass making and colliery owning family.
1906: Alderman WB Bowring acquired the estate to gift “to the inhabitants of Liverpool” as one of the first municipal parks in the UK.  The Deed of Gift was signed on 12th June 1906.
1909: a stop for the Liverpool Tramway was established, which increased access to the park.
1913: the park became the location of the first municipal golf course in the UK
1921: The ‘Olde English Gardens’ formally opened, a conversion of the original estate kitchen gardens into a formal municipal gardens setting.
World Wars I & II: Bowring Park and Roby Hall were commandeered for war service. During World War II, much of the park, including the gardens, was given over to growing food The park was also used as a refuge from the heavy bombing of Liverpool during the blitz of May 1941.
1957: The Liverpool Tramway closes. Around this time, Roby Hall fell into decay and, alongside a number of associated buildings and structures, was demolished.
1973: The M62 was built splitting the park in half. The construction of Roby Road (main access from M62 junction into Huyton) also isolated a section of the park.  The gardens and remaining original buildings fall into dereliction, though the Golf Course continued to operate.
1989: The Friends of Bowring Park became an active force in conserving and promoting Bowring Park’s heritage.
1997: Knowsley Council became corporate trustees of the Bowring Park Trust that owns the site.
2011: Mack Golf Ltd leased the whole site to provide a long-term management and sustainability model for the Golf Course and park.
2016: Received £1.8m of funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund for restoration works and activities at the site.