Getting You Involved!

As well as physical improvements to the Park, we want to develop a range of activities and services that would get you involved in the Park’s restoration. 

Some of the key ways we want to get you involved are outlined below.  However, we are keen to get your ideas on how you could get involved and support Bowring Park’s restoration as an individual, group/organisation or specialist service provider.

Park Promotion, Activities and Events

We need to raise the profile of the park so that local residents and other visitors know it is here for them to visit.

We hope to develop an annual activity and events programme and want to get your ideas on future activities, services and projects that could possibly be hosted at to help attract people to the park.

Let us know what activities and events you would like to see at the park.

Some existing activities at Bowring Park include the following (can you think of other activities we could host?):

  • Spring Event and Easter Egg Hunt
  • Annual Summer Gala
  • Summer Play Scheme
  • Autumn Heritage Fayre
  • Christmas Event and Santa’s Grotto
  • Coach House Activities: e.g. fundraising social events, ‘nosh & natter’ lunch club for older residents and other activities to attract key groups including families, children and young people, older people.
  • Golfing Taster Activities
Annual Summer Gala

Annual Summer Gala (organised by Friends of Bowring Park)

Santa's Grotto (organised by Friends of Bowring Park)

Santa’s Grotto (organised by Friends of Bowring Park)


We are keen to support local groups and individuals to get involved and give their time to support the park.  Through the restoration project we could:

  • Support Local Groups using and supporting the Park to recruit more members and volunteers, and also seek new partnerships with other groups.
  • Involve Volunteers: Would you be interested in any of the following opportunities?  Do you have any ideas for other ways you would like to volunteer with the park?
    • Horticultural Volunteering (e.g. supporting the management of the formal gardens and delivering growing projects at the Park)
    • Conservation Volunteering (e.g. tree planting, woodland management, bird & bat box making, etc.)
    • Local History Research and Promotion (e.g. reminiscence work, archiving, research and collection of local history records/images, local history talks/presentations, etc.)
    • Organising events and activities (e.g. arranging community events, visitor centre activities, etc.)
    • Arts-Based Projects (e.g. involvement in planning sculpture work or other art work within Bowring Park)
    • Support with promotion and consultation work associated with the Park (e.g. online publicity, newsletter distribution, park user/community surveys, etc.)
Volunteers working in the Historic Gardens

Volunteers working in the Historic Gardens

Volunteers working in the Historic Gardens

Volunteers working in the Historic Gardens

Celebrate the Heritage of Bowring Park

We want to develop a package of resources and activities that will encourage local residents and park visitors to engage in the heritage of Bowring Park. 

Local residents and groups could help make this happen by getting involved with:

  • Bowring Park Archive Project: Do you have any pictures, records or knowledge about the park that we could include in this Archive?  If so, we need your support!
  • Reminiscence (Oral History) Project: There will be many local people who have grown up near Bowring Park and will know a lot about its past. We need to record this knowledge for future generations and also to bring people together through their reminiscence of the park.
  • Information and Awareness Raising: Do you have any ideas on how we could promote Bowring Park through its local history?
  • Interpretation: We want to set up Heritage Displays, Interpretation Boards and even a Heritage Trail within the Park.  The Visitor Centre will be a key starting point to find out about the history of the Park.  However, there may be other ways that you could suggest we help visitors to understand the Park’s heritage.  If so, we would be keen to get your ideas!
  • Lifelong Learning: We would be keen for park visitors and local people to get involved in learning activities that would help them understand how Bowring Park developed and also explore the local history of the surrounding communities.
  • Participation: there may be a range of other activities that we could develop to get people involved in the heritage of the park, from growing projects, to arts activities and re-enactments.
Friends of Bowring Park Celebrating Park's Heritage

Friends of Bowring Park Celebrating Park’s Heritage

Bellringers at Friends of Bowring Park Event

Bellringers at Friends of Bowring Park Event

Shire Horses at Bowring Park Heritage Event

Shire Horses at Bowring Park Heritage Event

Links to Education and Employment

Bowring Park and its rich history is an excellent tool for education, improving skills and helping people into employment.  Some of our ideas include: -

  • Curriculum Educational Work: linking with local primary and secondary schools, to explore how Bowring Park could support a range of subjects within the National Curriculum, especially local history.
  • Lifelong Learning: there is great potential for local people of all ages to get involved in learning about local history and other topics.  We want to hear about the range of learning activities that you would be interested in getting involved with, or that you think could be suitable for Bowring Park to host.
  • Skills/Employment Related Learning: We want to explore opportunities for trainees to be involved in some of the restoration and ongoing management works at Bowring Park that may help them to gain qualifications.  Would you have any ideas on how we could possibly do this?
Educational visits to Bowring Park

Educational visit to Bowring Park